Our vision:
a goal
the limits

We have a clear goal: becoming the paneuropean reference supplier in outsourced claims management. Every day, we pull together to achieve it, looking to our point of arrival, beyond the limits.

We are aware we are operating on a market extremely at the mercy of digital transformation, in this time of history: but we are motivated to face this challenge by the concrete contributions of a group able to make innovation turn into business.

Leaders in our market segment, we are determined to play this role with foresight. We work with ideas and people with the intention of being inspired and, at the same time, be a source of inspiration. Every day we make decisions, anticipating trends that are not yet in the market: this is why we are always ready to embrace new and different solutions. We are innovators.

In our process of development, we want to have a positive impact on the market, but also on our customers, our communities and our people. For this reason, we care to work responsibly.

Our future
is now

Now it’s time to give an impetus to our development course. We are responding to the transformation of the market environment with a development strategy in two directions.

Our mission of diversification and consolidation in Italy leads us to enrich our offer of vertical services, delivered by MSA Mizar group companies to their customers along the whole value chain. The acquisition of Dottor Grandine in October 2022 and the entrance of Mizar Tech in the Group in 2023 confirm our commitment. These transactions and others to follow will trace the path to achieve major dynamics of integration and synergy with other companies in the MSA Mizar galaxy.

MSA Mizar foto la nostra visione il nostro futuro ora
MSA Mizar foto la nostra visione columna capital

Worldwide, we are working to preside over European markets steadily and with an immediate and effective business offer. Thanks to this vision, we succeed in being competitive in a market increasingly ruled by international logic, where the winning business proposition responds to needs of European geographic context.

In this perspective, our turning point was 2022, when our corporate group welcomed Columna Capital, a private equity fund dedicated to helping entrepreneurial realities with high growth potential. The partnership with Columna represents an important tool to support MSA Mizar’s growth plans, from a consulting, planning and financial perspective.