The strategic choice to go international in our business is directly functional to the goal of establishing MSA Mizar's leadership in a European-scale market

MSA France

Operating since 2015, MSA France manages more than 10,000 claims (domestic and foreign) each year. The team is composed of multilingual professionals with exceptional technical expertise.

MSA Spain

In July 2022, MSA Mizar acquired Coris España, a company operating in international claims management and already partner of the Group at 10% in MSA Spain joint venture (founded in Spain in 2019) through its General Manager. The company boasts a wide network of experts in claims management, legal, medical and fixing branches.
In 2024 Doctor Granizo is born: entirely controlled by Doctor Hail, the company introduces in Spain the first complete claims management service on hail damaged vehicles.

MSA Portugal

MSA Mizar started its operations in Portugal in 2022 through a joint venture. The company offers claims management, back-office activities and network management. It works with a network of professional specialists, widespread throughout the country and across all activities.

MSA Switzerland-Belgium

In September 2023, through MSA-Multi Serass, the Group acquired 80% of D.E.S. Investissement Sàrl and landed in Switzerland and Belgium. The company provides outsourced claims management services, for both domestic and Green Card-IV Directive claims.

Other offices

Thanks to Dottor Grandine headquarters in Albania and Romania, MSA Mizar Group can also actively reach these two European markets.