Our history

Our company evolution coincides with the upward trajectory brought about by introducing innovation to processes. This has been possible by developing a technologically advanced claims management system

We founded the Group in 1979 and, as early as the following year, we introduced a dedicated software for claims management. We quickly became one of the leading players in the market.

In 2022, thanks to the strategic partnership with the investment and development fund Columna Capital, MSA Mizar goes through a further expansion, with the aim of becoming an increasingly international player in the outsourced insurance claims market.

Giovanni Campus is designated as General Manager and a new season of consolidation and expansion in the Italian market starts. This accelerated growth drives the need to develop one of the first in-house  claims softwares, leading workflows, integrated document processing and task management.


Our annual growth reaches double digits. Acclàims is established and we open two new offices, one in Turin and one in Trento.


We start working on an innovative fraud prevention system (Detector).


We open MSA France headquarter,  that set the course for a further Group expansion into Spain and Portugal.


We found RipArte, an insurtech company that coordinates more than 400 Affiliated Body Shops, qualified to operate in real time through a single software (RiPortal) with all players in the process (RipArte, Spare parts dealers and Authority). RiPortal standardizes processes and mechanizes procedures, quotations, purchase and distribution of spare parts.


We launch MSA Spain with headquarter in Madrid and found N4C (Network for Claims), network for adjusters, doctors and investigators with national coverage.


We found Legalade, one of the first Lawyers Ventures strictly specialized in the management of insurance litigation.


We acquire Coris Spain and expand to Portugal with MSA Portugal, which provides claims management services, back-office and network administration. We open MSA France's second office in Lille and we proceed in the acquisition of Dottor Grandine, which leads to new opportunities for intra-group synergy in Italy and a new strategic presence in two other countries in Europe (Albania and Romania).


The acquisition of two IT companies, then merged under the name of Mizar Tech, has been strategic to strengthen our technological assets. The Company becomes the Group's technology hub. In the same year, N4C acquires Nuova SIA, thus strengthening MSA Mizar leadership in the experts network industry.
In September 2023, MSA Switzerland-Belgium was born with headquarters in Freiburg (Switzerland). The company is dedicated to both national and cross-border claims management in outsourcing. It allows the Group to enter in the Swiss and Belgian market and to pick new perspectives of business internationalization.